Relative Data

This is a statistic over cases per population: relative data related by country (worldwide).
To get better understanding of the relative data of the covid-19 cases this website presents the official data from combined with data from worldometers and sets them in relation to the population of the provided countries.
The Data is updated on a daylie basis around 12.00 am UTC+2.

Such a situation can only be accepted and tolerated when causes for limitations are transparent and comprehensible and when criticism and contradiction not only are allowed but mutually demanded and listened to.
Angela Merkel (2020)

This is not the time for finger-pointing. This is the time for solidarity, collaboration, cooperation and mutual support.
Huang Ping (2020)

What worries me is the illness of every man for himself: if we do not show solidarity, Italy, Spain or others would be able to say to their European partners: where have you been when we were at the front? I do not want this selfish and divided Europe
Emmanuel Macron (2020)

We must speak our minds openly, debate our disagreements honestly, but always pursue solidarity.
Donald Trump (2017)

Overall Cases from 2019-12-31 to

  The later two bars have a different y-axe, because they are larger numbers.

Relative Cases accumulated over time

This website does not aim to separate.
The aim is to bring out that the nations of this great world measured in relative numbers do not differ much and recall that solidarity is a worldwide concept and corporation the way to handle with crisis.

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